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We have a Universal Laser system and do high-end custom cabinetry. Our subscription service to LogoFax’s, Logos4Life club has been very helpful. It allows us to pick and choose the logos we like, without having to spend thousands of dollars on CD’s that we may never use. For one particular job we downloaded a simple “curly-cue” design, which added just the right touch to our cabinetry. Our customer was elated with the finished product!

Steve Unruh
Oak Tree Sales
Chickasha, OK

Logos4Life is the best value on the market! Wish I had known about this subscription program before I bought all my clipart CD’s. We have a New Hermes IS 400 engraving system and have found LogoFax.com to be the most comprehensive logo site that I’ve seen. It’s great I love it!!

Scott Jackson
Jackson’s Card Shop
Jackson, TN

I’ve found the LogoFax.com site very beneficial. We use it mainly for military type insignias, command logos, planes, rank and etc, with our Newing-Hall APEX engraver. I like the idea of being able to readily pull off a logo that I may use one time and not have to pay a digitizing charge. Plus the fact that I can combine logos together into one image and create another look. I’ve used LogoFax for years, after being introduced to them by my previous employer.

Holly Smith
Skills Development Center
Travis AFB, CA

The Logos4Life club has been a good investment. My employees like to go online to look for logos; using the search bar helps them find the images they need. Often while looking for a specific logo, we’ll come across other designs that we can use for other jobs. We hardly ever use our CD’s, because it’s easier and faster to download logos through the Internet. We do a lot of Screen Printing on T-Shirts and do some embroidery, using our Tajima system. Without question, we’ve made more than our money back using the subscription service!

Joseph Conti
Mount Vernon, NY

I enjoy the wide selection that LogoFax offers and the way the drawings are categorized. There’s so much to choose from and I love the fact that I’m able to edit the images using Adobe Illustrator. I often like to add my own creative ideas and sometimes just need that first start from something I see online. Oh, I could kick myself for not opting for a larger subscription plan from the beginning. I’ve received a great value for my money and the customer service has been incredible!

Cynthia Volpe
CeeVees Graphics
Edmond, OK

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