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We Digitize Logos
for Embroidery, Engraving, Sandblasting, Screen Printers, Sublimation, Vinyl Sign Systems and more, as found on the Web.

To be specific, we digitize individual logos as a service and also offer CD products that contain a few hundred to several thousand images per package!

LogoFax International, Inc. specializes in digitizing logo graphics for embroidery, engraving, sandblasting, screen printing, sublimation, vinyl sign systems, the web and more!

A professionally digitized logo directly reflects your company’s standards as well as your bottom line! Our goal is to supply you with outstanding service, at a reasonable price, with professional quality!

We began in 1984, supplying the Awards & Engraving Industry with customized logos for computerized engraving systems. We have now expanded our services and products to many other Industry applications as well.

Through the years we have developed one of the most comprehensive logo collections found on the World-Wide-Web! We’ve named our collection of logos the Logo Library. It consists of thousands of images, ranging from simple drawings to complex designs and can be used to develop engraving ideas for awards, memorial plaques, sporting events or anything that needs a unique graphic image.

Most of our personnel have worked in a retail shop environment at one time or another. Therefore, we understand the importance of a “dead-line” and the need for a streamlined design. No one wants to watch a logo engrave or embroider for hours on end! Even if it does look good!!

You’ll find our logos are optimized for best performance, making your production time decrease and your profit line increase!

Contact us for your next order and let LogoFax handle your logo work. You’ll be glad you did!

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