How To Lock In Your Customers For Life

By:Aubrey Richardson

Wouldn?t you like to keep all your customers coming back to you, for the life of your business? Of course you would! There are numerous ideas for maintaining and keeping your customer a ?happy camper? but undoubtedly the top three would have to be concerning matters of price, service and delivery!

Aside from those three, once you gain a customer?s loyalty and have them returning to you for more products and services, what else might keep them ?locked in? to your business. I suggest to you, offer to ?personalize? their item(s). That?s right, make it unique in a way that promotes them to their audience and shows recognition.

A great way to do this is to place their logo or signature, on the items they are receiving from your company. It?s been reported that once you have a customer?s logo on file, it makes matters a lot simpler for them to return to you for their next order. As long as you a doing a good job on the top three issues, it?s common sense for them to keep coming back to you for their future purchases.

It?s been said a zillion times, ?A picture paints a thousand words?! You know, most people buy a magazine and review the pictures first and then read the captions. We?ve all heard the clich? ?Never judge a book by its cover? but we?ve all been guilty of it at one time or another. Our eyes are naturally drawn to the image that?s on the paper, card, television, computer screen or any other medium for showing illustrations.

So, picture this (pun intended), you are an Awards & Engraving company and you offer Laser Engraving on a walnut plaque with a nice black brass finish. Your customer wants to offer their customer, a recognition plaque. Showing appreciation for their outstanding contribution to the organizations fundraiser program. (Remember, you want to ?lock in? their business and have them wanting to return to you, time and time again).

Ask them for their logo! They may already have one or you may need to facilitate creating them a special design, all their own. If you need help in this area you?ll find numerous aids online right at your fingertips. A great source to search for most any logo or design is once you register as a member (which is free), you can search for any image by typing in a keyword of your choice.

Example: United Way, once you enter in the words and click search, several renditions of logos matching your keyword entry will appear on screen for your viewing. Make your selection and proceed to download the image for use with your product line.

Think about it! If you were the recipient of an award or the presenter of the award, wouldn?t you have a higher perceived value if it were ?trademarked? with a certain insignia? Sure you would, even if it were subliminal your subconscious mind would tell you it?s a special item and cause you to want to show it off.

Now that you have their logo on file it?s much easier for them to email or phone you with their next order. You?ve virtually ?locked in? their future business! They know you already have their digital image ready to go, making it unnecessary for them to shop around with any of your competitors. After all, if you?re supplying them with great service, good delivery at a competitive price. They have every reason to return to you and get that special touch, personalizing their items!

How To Lock In Your Customers For Life

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